7 things I’d do differently if I am Les Huston Designs (Watch out for #3!)

Facebook Page Review Les Huston Designs

I wanted to mix up the blog updates a little, so you can expect to see a greater variety of useful content. This week, a new friend of mine, Leslie Belcher, asked for my help with her Facebook Page, Les Huston Designs.

Her main problems were visible. She had a sizeable number of fans despite having only created her page in late 2013. I will not question the tactics she used to attract her fans since I wasn’t present during the process. But one thing that stood out is the relatively low “People Talking About This” metric - why are engagement rates so low?

After acting as a user, I found 7 things that she could improve on and made 4 further suggestions for her. I hope that these suggestions may help her see some results in her Facebook Page soon.

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