Hi there! I hope you liked the articles shared here.


Why and How?

I started Jason HJH Social to do 2 things.

  1. To learn and share about social media (and word-of-mouth) marketing strategies and tactics. In the process, I hope to help marketers do better social media and marketing for their brands
  2. To give a platform to fellow peers who want learn and share about their experiences

I started to learn about social media and word-of-mouth marketing by reading intensively both online and offline in 2012. The journey was tough but rewarding. I landed my first social media marketing contract with Gateway Locations Singapore in 2012 and I haven’t looked back since. But I wouldn’t have been able to overcome the steep learning curve without my mentors and peers.



Currently, Shawn, a guest blogger, and I contribute to the articles you have just read. Shawn specialises in helping brands amplify their brand value through the use of social media and he works as the Marketing Consultant at a boutique firm in Australia which sells graduation gowns. Here’s our profiles:

  1. Jason HJH.
  2. Shawn Tay KR.

If you’d like to guest blog and share your tips with our readers at Jason HJH Social, do write to us at [email protected]. For any other enquiries, feel free to speak to us too.


What am I doing now?

Currently, I work as a partner of Start Now Social, a social marketing agency:

  1. We work with institutions to promote social good
  2. We make use of social media and word-of-mouth marketing to influence behaviour

<<We started redesigning our website recently and you may find it here when it’s up!>>