Facebook Ads: 3 Common Mistakes You’re Making with Website Custom Audience

3 Mistakes You Make with Website Custom Audience

Facebook rolled out Website Custom Audience (WCA) last month and gave website owners the unprecedented power to reach their visitors on Facebook. I think that his is one of the most powerful ad tools, so I set up mine recently. But in the process, I noticed 3 easy mistakes that any one who is unfamiliar with the platform may make; if you are not careful, you probably made at least one of these mistakes.

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This is how FBX works, and it’s remarkable

Although ad exchanges are not new, FBX (Facebook Exchange) brings a different value to marketers by virtue of its access to personal data of all Facebook users. FBX remains the only social media ad exchange thus far and it shouldn’t take too long before Twitter or Pinterest launches something similar. But do you know how FBX works and what exactly is the unique value to marketers? I’ll illustrate with my experience from a user point of view.

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