Warning: Facebook Contests could kill your Page! Here’s how to prevent that.

Warning: Facebook Contests could kill your Page! Here's how to prevent that.

Sorry that I haven’t updated for a week! This week has been a wild ride. Anyway, I have a good idea of what to write for the next 4 posts - I assure you that they’re going to be actionable and useful (as they should always be!).

Last week, I read a couple of good posts about Facebook marketing from SociallyStacked and one of the statistics caught my eye:

35% of FB fans join contest to win prizes!

I didn’t come up with this. You can see it here.

Imagine: if you run a contest every month for a year and you increase your fan base by 500 organic likes each contest, this means a good 2100 likes happened only to take part in your Facebook contests. No matter how I look at it, that’s a big group of people I don’t even want to like my page!

So how do you control and minimise attraction of fans who only like your page to win prizes? Continue reading…