If you want to know how to eliminate Facebook ads and content that suck, you’ve come to the right place.


What content does J Social feature?

J Social is the vehicle I use to deliver in-depth content that helps social media teams and small business owners turn their marketing budget into measurable results.

I write weekly to share my perspectives on how social media marketing teams and small business owners like you can get rid of Facebook ads and content that suck in a systematic manner using data.

I am pleased to be nominated by some of the better known social media personalities this year as one of 70 Rising Social Media Stars“.


Who I would like to thank

Lots of people, without whom I would not have overcome the steep learning curve. In no particular order, they are:

Andrew Jones, a Career Coach who I refer to as my mentor. He was the key figure to my first social media consulting experience with an information hub for global professionals.

Jay, Chief Producer at Produce, who I have learned critical soft skills from. He has taught me many things in business during the time I worked with him at his firm and he continues to involve me in his work. I am immensely grateful to him and at the same time, in awe of his dedication and commitment to create great value for his clients.

Emeric, Founder and CEO at Agorapulse, who believes in me. I am extremely honoured to collaborate with him to produce a series of articles that explain what Facebook metrics really mean. You can read those articles here.

Mari Smith, Forbes Top Social Media Power Influencer & Facebook Marketing Expert. She has shared some of my articles on several occasions, giving me opportunities to shine and reach the largest targeted audience that anyone in this field can only imagine. Not only does she help the less known personalities in social media, but she also consistently provides great quality content to her fans and followers. It’s little wonder why she is so influential both online and offline.


What I absolutely hate about the marketing industry

I have strong opinions against marketers who are more in love with their ideas than in solving the client’s problems. It leads to a huge waste of resources for everyone - the client, marketer, and consumer.

I also believe that there is no place for tactical ideas and decisions until you understand an industry, its competitive environment, and the key problems you want to solve.

More on this if you follow my rants on Twitter.


Interested to guest blog?

I am on a constant lookout for marketers with interesting perspectives. If you think you have a refreshing idea in mind and you wish to elevate your idea using my blog, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]. I encourage you to discuss the idea with me before you pen your article.


What am I doing now?

I keep my blog specific to Facebook because I only write once a week and I want to make sure that the articles have a certain depth that would be of use to you.

I also write for Agorapulse. You can see my articles here as they are published. The spanish version for some articles is also available.

In the day, I work with clients from a variety of industries as a Social Influence Marketing Consultant, including the following:

  • Institution & Nonprofit
  • Startups, including Architecture and Publication
  • F&B

I also work with social media professionals on a one-to-one level to coach and equip them with Facebook advertising knowledge, covering advanced topics such as ad budgeting, targeting, reports, and more.

If you have a quick question, would like to discuss a possible collaboration, or become a client, please write to me at [email protected].