To see your list of Facebook fans…

Try any of these 3 methods:

1. Click on a Page Like notification on your Facebook Page. 

If you’re managing a Facebook Page, you should see the control panel at the top of your Page. Clicking on any of the Page Like notifications will show you a list of your fans. But for you to get access to this list of your fans, I believe that you’ll need to activate Graph Search. If you haven’t activated Graph Search, look here for a simply 3-step guide on how to do it.

2. Access via a Direct URL

Post 37 Image 2 To see your list of Facebook fans...

If method 1 doesn’t work for you, try copying and pasting this URL:¬if_t=page_new_likes

To get your Page ID, simply go to your Facebook Page>Edit Page (Top right)>Page Info. You should see a row that reads “Facebook Page ID” followed by a 15-digit figure. Paste that to replace “ABCDEFG” and it should work.

Methods 1 and 2 are useful if you want to delete and ban fans. This is a function not readily available using Method 3, because Method 3, Graph Search, is inherently meant more for marketing research and other common search purposes and not Page management. I find Methods 1 and 2 very convenient if you need to regularly check and manage your Page fans, especially when you encounter spammers.

3. Use Graph Search

Finally, if you really can’t access your list of fans using the 2 methods above, try entering this query into your Graph Search bar: People who like “Insert Your Page Name”

Ta da! You should see a list of your fans right there.

If you use methods 1 and 2, the list of fans you’ll see differs in format from using Graph Search. I believe that’s temporary and there isn’t any significant difference between the 2.

Just an advance update: Graph Search is actually an amazing tool for all marketers who want to conduct marketing research based on the data Facebook has mined and collected. I’ll be posting a detailed guide next Monday on how you can use Graph Search to dig out more relevant info about your Facebook fans, and how you can continue to grow a targeted audience. Besides that, you will also learn how you can create marketing programs that are better received by your existing fans, based on their interests on Facebook.

Jason How

I help social media teams and small business owners eliminate Facebook ads and content that suck. Brands that I have worked with include household brands like Seoul Garden and International Volunteer Day, an initiative of the Ministry of Community, Culture, and Youth (MCCY). When I'm not busy with numbers, I can become a real glutton.