3 Advice I Have for Datafield’s Facebook Page (and a new trend I’m seeing for link posts!)

Datafield Facebook Page Review

It’s been 2 weeks since I wrote! I have been ridiculously busy with work and I really hope to get back to writing regularly soon (next week!)

I owe this Facebook Page review to Antoine Deroche for a long time. He’s kindly volunteered to have his page (Datafield) reviewed so that we can share and learn together from what he has done right and could do better.

There’s 2 things I liked about his Page, 4 things I think he can make changes to improve the Page, and 3 things he might want to explore in the long-term management of the Facebook Page.

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7 things I’d do differently if I am Les Huston Designs (Watch out for #3!)

I wanted to mix up the blog updates a little, so you can expect to see a greater variety of useful content. This week, a new friend of mine, Leslie Belcher, asked for my help with her Facebook Page, Les Huston Designs.

Her main problems were visible. She had a sizeable number of fans despite having only created her page in late 2013. I will not question the tactics she used to attract her fans since I wasn’t present during the process. But one thing that stood out is the relatively low “People Talking About This” metric - why are engagement rates so low?

After acting as a user, I found 7 things that she could improve on and made 4 further suggestions for her. I hope that these suggestions may help her see some results in her Facebook Page soon.

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Word of Mouth Marketing: How to identify your influencers and engaged fans

Word of Mouth Marketing: How to identify your influencers and engaged fans

One of the key strategies marketers use to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns is to build profitable relationships with influencers and fans. These influencers and fans play key roles in generating word-of-mouth buzz about a brand. And one of the greatest benefits of social media is to enable marketers to identify, reach out to, and engage them at a deeper level.

Today, I’ll share 3 (+ 1 bonus) ways that I’ve used to identify these people that are important for my clients.

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How do you know which Keywords to Monitor and how to Exploit Graph Search to your Advantage?

Keywords and Graph Search for Social Media Monitoring

Last week, I shared how I did social media monitoring for my clients. Nearly half of the people who liked it also shared it! Clearly, the online web lacks enough guides on social media monitoring, although most social media gurus always say to do it.

This week, I’m going to follow-up by helping you to find the keywords you should monitor online and teach you how to use Graph Search to analyse your Fans’ interests on Facebook. Please comment below if you have any other methods to add.

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