Sure-proof way to interact with your consumers online

picture1 Sure proof way to interact with your consumers online

Clueless how to interact with your consumers online? Here’s a tried and tested method to help you get started! This is part II of my blog series on “Building Connections on Social Media.”

In my last post, I talked about how brands are under-utilising social media by not building true connections with their consumers online. Earlier this month, Business Insiders also published an article stating how 90% of the consumers will recommend brands after social media interactions. So let’s address the million-dollar question: How should brands interact with their consumers online?

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How to prepare your editorial calendar and kickstart your campaign

We’re finally talking about how you can prepare an editorial calendar for your Facebook Page.

Wait, is an editorial calendar really important?


It is important if you want to keep your Facebook updates organised, brand messages coherent, and social efforts recorded. Without a schedule, you’ll likely become a lost sheep, not knowing what you’ve already conveyed to your fans, what worked for you and what you can improve on.

Now, you’ll want to know exactly what should be included in a editorial calendar. Let’s begin.

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SMMInsights welcomes our first Social Sunday!

ID 100154208 SMMInsights welcomes our first Social Sunday!

What’s special about Social Sundays (#SocialSunday) at SMMInsights? We specially curated these articles over the past week and only pick the articles that are in line with our marketing philosophy and the interests of our readers.

We only share useful content; they come in forms like checklists, guides and handy tips, which you can put to use immediately for your business. That’s what we believe content should be like in 2013 and beyond. You’re welcome icon smile SMMInsights welcomes our first Social Sunday!

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Setting up your Facebook Page - 7 things not to miss

Last week we published a very useful article for helping brands kickstart their Facebook Marketing. We loved your response and we’re going to keep the useful articles going.

“Setting up your Facebook Page” sounds mundane. I’m not denying that. But it’s more important than you probably think it is.

Facebook regularly iterates on its brand offerings and as a result, fan pages regularly undergo changes from its layout to privacy and usage rules. While setting up the fan page for 2 of my clients, I documented 7 important things in the fan pages that you might have missed.

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