Facebook for Business

Here, you’ll find the most important how-to guides and tutorials to make you a better Facebook marketing professional. And they are updated as often as Facebook’s change in newsfeed algorithm - that’s very often! Be sure to bookmark this page and refer to it often to see my latest Facebook ad secrets for business owners.

Facebook for Business - Beginners

  • If you had only $200 to start marketing on Facebook, would you start with Facebook ads? I wouldn’t. Here’s how I would spend the first $200 instead.
  • Confused by all the news and “expert” views on Facebook Reach? Don’t waste your time - just focus on these important facts and opinions about Facebook Reach.
  • Still troubled about Facebook reach? Did some “experts” tell you to post more often? Actually, posting more often on your Facebook page may do harm to your business. Even Mari Smith concurs.
  • Here are 7 metrics in Facebook Insights that are more interesting and useful than reach.
  • Think you’re ready to start advertising on Facebook? Make sure you’re using the right tools to do it so that you don’t have to undergo administrative headaches later. Consider using Facebook Business Manager if you manage more than just one page and ad account.
  • Is managing your Facebook business presence taking too much of your time? It took up nearly an hour of my time everyday until I started using a tool called Agorapulse. Now, I recommend it to most of my clients who need a tool that does it all when it comes to managing their Facebook page.
  • Content is the heart of any social media strategy. Whether you’re thinking of reviewing your content or coming up with an entirely new Facebook content strategy, these 5 tips will help you zoom into specific aspects and improve all of them.

Facebook Advertising - The Basics

  • Apart from using the right tools to advertise on Facebook, make sure that you’re also well-versed with how best to run Facebook ads. In fact, these are the latest updates to the Facebook campaign structure that you should know.
  • Do you have a process that helps you generate leads from Facebook? Here’s a proven lead generation funnel that works
  • If you’re looking to target local consumers, then look no further than Facebook’s new ad objective, Local Awareness Ads. Small business owners can definitely benefit from this.
  • Did you know that Facebook released a tool called Facebook Audience Insights? Using this tool, you can research deeper into your target audiences and obtain information such as their purchase behaviour, mobile usage behaviour, and many more.
  • Setting a budget for Facebook ads can be confusing. So I wrote a how-to guide to share with you how set a Facebook ad budget that maximises your ad performance.
  • If you know when your customers are usually online and you want to reach them, then you definitely want to schedule your ads to show during these times and make the most out of your limited ad budget.
  • Once you have started to advertise on Facebook, make sure not to only rely on the Facebook Ad Manager to see how your ads are doing. In fact, you shouldn’t even be looking at things like cost per page like, cost per click, and click-through rates. What you should do, like most good marketers do, is to make use of these ad reports to find out if you are targeting the right people.
  • Then, once you are sure that you are targeting the right people, you can modify your ad reports to get a true reflection of your ad performance.
  • If you want nothing but the best tips on Facebook ads, make sure you check out these great Facebook ads articles that I read and learned from in 2014.

Facebook Advertising - Advanced Tips

Think you’re up for the advanced stuff? Here you go!

Last updated: 30 December 2014