Beatrix Review Update: A content creation tool repositioned

I wrote about Beatrix twice this year. The first was a review of the tool, and the second was a comparison with Swayy, a close competitor (in my opinion).

For those of you who don’t know what it is, Beatrix is a 3rd-party social media application that helps you create content. “Creating content” is the main aim, but its features help you do these:

  1. Curate content
  2. Suggest content
  3. Schedule content

It seems like a few weeks ago, Beatrix has repositioned to become a content creation tool, where ultimately the content that gets published comes down to your judgment, not that of a machine”. I had considered its earlier positioning as a major flaw in my earlier reviews. Whether or not Beatrix repositioned because they read my post (ha!), I felt compelled to write an update to do it justice since a few hundred of you read my earlier reviews.

Note: I am not affiliated to Beatrix or any of its employees.

What the above change basically meant was that users can no longer install Beatrix and leave it on autopilot. They cannot allow Beatrix to post to their social media platforms at will - without doing a final vetting of what will be posted.

You might say that the black sheep among content creators will minimise the impact of the changes simply by clicking “ok” when the final vetting screen comes up. But that was never the point. What matters is that Beatrix, as a content creation tool for social media managers and businesses, does not support these black sheep by allowing them to post on autopilot.

Although I use neither Beatrix nor Swayy today, I do have positive feelings toward Beatrix, because their team is always improving the product, and I’d receive an email of its latest feature updates. That is a sign of a company brimming with vitality and keeping up with the evolving needs of its users.

So if you are looking for a content creation tool, go ahead and sign up for a trial with Beatrix.

  • yongfook

    Jason - thanks for noticing our repositioning! we are much happier with this direction and are now committed to building the best tool for social media content creation, but most importantly one that works *with* you, the social media manager.

    Our job from here on out is to offer the best content suggestions (we now do links, text and image suggestions!), but also make it fast and easy to create original content. And most importantly never post things on “autopilot”. We’re now more like an awesome co-pilot :)

    We really appreciate your opinions on your blog over the last few months!

    • Jason HJH

      Hey Yongfook,

      Great to hear the news! I like the fact that your team is continually improving the product and always sending out succinct product updates to current/past customers.

      I see quite a bit of traffic every month from searches for Beatrixx and Swayy review so I hope it’s helpful to your customers; always happy to support good local products.

      All the best to you and your team!


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