How Brands are Under-utilising Social Media Connections

Relationship and Conversations

As the staggering number of social media users continues to rise every year, many brands are incorporating social media marketing as a part of their corporate communications. While using social media marketing as an added way to communicate has obvious benefits, it is missing the point. Social media is not so much about communication as connection. […]

Social Media Marketing: 4 things you MUST learn from the Stars at Singapore Social Concert 2013

Psy attracts his audience

Last friday night’s Singapore Social Concert featured 3 artistes - the refreshing Blush, cute Carly Rate and phenomenal Psy. Each artiste’s appearance met with different levels of enthusiastic response. Each did several different things to captivate the audience. Each method worked to varying degrees. Surely by now, you would have heard of Gangnam Style. Imagine […]

Rethinking Social Media ROI

Rethinking Social Media ROI

 Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici Difficulties in measuring traditional ROI pose a dilemma for businesses to invest in social media. CEOs want to see social media ROI on bottom lines before they are prepared to take social media seriously. Unsurprisingly, some CEOs still think social media is nonsense. On the other hand, recent developments in […]