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Agorapulse VS Sprout Social: Which is the better social media management tool for you?

  • Wow, what an amazingly in depth review and comparison. This is so helpful and valuable for people trying to work out the differences between the tools. I’m a big fan of both Sprout and AgoraPulse. Although Sprout is an amazing tool, I think AgoraPulse has the edge in quite few ways like you suggest- particularly when it comes to the inbox zero feature, the pricing, being able to reply to FB dark posts and more.

    • Hey Ian, thank you for coming by! I’m glad you found the comparison useful. As a user of Sprout Social and Agorapulse yourself, I’m sure you know that these tools bag a lot more power than what I’ve listed here, but hopefully it helps marketing teams to start thinking about the possible or better tool that’d fit their need. Would love to hear your experience on these tools.


      • No problem, I really enjoyed the article. It’s not often you get really in depth comparisons like this. You’ve obviously spent a lot of time looking into the details. I really like Sprout Social- but it is expensive and it doesn’t have the same inbox zero feature that AgoraPulse does. Having said that, AgoraPulse doesn’t (yet) have a mobile app (but watch this space) and it doesn’t integrate with Google+ or other networks yet. Thanks again

        • Hey Ian,

          Thank you for sharing your point of view. Although I share your view that Sprout Social is expensive, I think they are a good fit for a certain mould of business for their existing pricing plan. You seem to be aware that Agorapulse is building a mobile app! Yes I think I’ve heard from them that this is something they’re currently working on - but I’m not so sure about integration with other social networks like Google+. I don’t think they see that it will become a massive force in the suite of social networks that people are hooked on and they’ll probably favour Pinterest over Google+ integration, but that’s just my opinion!

          Do you have a strong reason that could persuade Agorapulse to consider integrating Google+?


  • Very helpful Jason!

    • Thank you Mike.

      Looking forward to your new product launch!

    • Heidi Wright

      Agree, I have heard of both, tested one! Great blog.

  • Heidi Wright

    I now have a clearer understanding of how to approach social media mgt tools and what to look for. Thanks Jason, great post.

    • Hey Heidi,

      I’m glad you found it helpful. Are you using any social media management tool currently?

      • Heidi Wright

        Hi Jason I am using Hootsuite Pro. The are not fantastic however. The only thing stopping me from switching to Agorapulse ATM is the Twitter shortening URL function. Currently they don’t have a built in URL shortener which means I need to reply on Bitly (copy and paste to track links which is time consuming.) I love AgoraPulse’s reporting functions, and their staff are super helpful. What other solutions would you recommend for URL shortening in AgoraPulse? Thanks Jas

        • Hey Heidi, good point. We’re currently revamping our entire publishing system, it will do MUCH more (calendar view, queue, re-post evergreen content, etc.) AND it will integrate with very soon. Hopefully by the end of the summer…

        • Hey Heidi, that’s interesting. I’m glad the founder of Agorapulse has reached out to you.

          How’re you using Hootsuite currently? What do you use it for?

  • “The primary purpose of dark posts is to create ads to test different copies or ads.” No, that’s not actually the primary purpose. Dark posts are for targeting specific audiences only and prevent others from seeing an ad or post that would have little or no relevance to them. My 2¢. :^)

    • Thanks for pointing that out, Dave 🙂 I must admit that the phrasing was slightly incorrect - I meant that advertisers used dark posts primarily to test different copies or ads. It’s great to have you around!