Building profitable Facebook ad campaigns

We don’t teach theories. We tear apart campaigns, tweak the parts that need work, or re-build everything from scratch if we need to.

We don’t claim to know everything. But we know how to get something to work. And we’re committed to making it work.

We put money where our mouths are. We test and experiment ideas that we think will work. Then we implement it for our clients.

What is J Social?

J Social started out as Jason’s personal blog for advanced Facebook marketers in December 2012. It has now grown into a team with complementary specialties including development of high-converting landing pages, cross channel and deep funnel integration.

The blog was fortunate to gain recognition and was featured by several known publications and social media personalities, such as:

Building on our online credibility, we have worked with several clients in USA and UK from various industries, including legal aid, non-profit, online education, SaaS and mobile app, generating thousands of leads and driving tens of thousands of additional revenue.

Are you interested in building a profitable Facebook ad campaign?

We’re highly passionate about our clients’ success. That’s why we’ll do everything to make it work. So we only want to work with clients who share the same kind of passion for their success.

You may become our great client if…

  1. You know who will use your products or services but you just don’t know how to reach them on Facebook
  2. You know the value of your products or services but you need help communicating it to your customers
  3. You have an online sales funnel that works or you’re committed to building one
  4. You are willing to work closely with us or allow us to implement our strategy
  5. You spend at least USD $2,000 a month on Facebook ads

In our team, we have the capabilities to develop and help you visualise the strategic roadmap to achieve your goals, run the campaigns, and build digital assets to plug your leaky sales funnel. We will also provide full accountability for every dollar spent so that you know if it’s worth the money.

If you’re ready, then shoot us an email at [email protected].

Fees: From USD $1,000 per month

Disclaimer: We’ll work extremely hard and we expect our clients to as well. If you’re in this with us, we will be there to guide you every step of the way until you achieve your goals. But we will not hesitate to fire clients who don’t work hard.