5 honest reasons why your Facebook advertising campaigns suck

  • Ricardo Cici

    Hey Jason, Ricardo here.

    Great point of views, thanks for sharing the content.

    About the 3 – stop reading every damn blog, I’m using Feedly that way – 2~4 blogs per topic only, so I can stay updated and not overloaded with content. Very useful tool

    • Hi Ricardo,

      Indeed, I use Pocket to save articles. Way too many emails, subscriptions, and blogs these days!

  • Edward Stanfield

    Last year I ran a few campaigns for clients. Results were sub-optimal. In spite of my advice, they would over-rule my copy and creative, decline split testing and gave up after a few sequential iterations. Guess I didn’t do a good enough job of selling how the process should work.

    • Hi Edward,

      Thank you for sharing bravely.

      These things happen in a consulting relationship. Often we look back and see how we could have done better. The key thing is that we learn from it. If it helps, I find that this is best said during your first meetings with the client to set expectations. Don’t be too hard on yourself and hope you enjoy more successes.

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